Not everyone wishes to spend a hour a day studying stock charts and graphs. If this sounds like you, you’ll enjoy this book.

By: Kenneth Chin

Many investors hold their retirement savings or college funds in ETFs that follow the S&P 500 or Nasdaq but have no idea how to judge the strength or weakness of these indices. They’re at the mercy of acting on what they hear from the ‘experts’ on nightly business programs or what they read in periodicals. Randall has simplified the process of assessing strength or weakness by merely focusing on a critical moving average. I invest in individual stocks but have my daughter’s college account in an ETF that follows the S&P. This is information I can certainly use to quickly monitor the index’s progress. As you would expect, I was skeptical after reading the title. But the payoff did come half-way into the book. The first half was Randall’s story, which I always enjoy reading because it gives me a perspective of where the author is coming from. It’s an easy read.